Safety is our 1st priority

Agriculture & Environment:

  • Detect weeds
  • Spray crops
  • Survey crop damage
  • Determine soil moisture content
  • Algae detection
  • Vegetation health assessment
  • Pipeline spill tracking
  • Weather monitoring
  • Plan, monitor & map parklands
  • Assess forest health
  • Determine health of fish runs

2D and 3D mapping

​​​Timeless Aerial Photography

Sub Station Inspection.

Cheaper than you think and better than you can image. 

     Your competition is using us whats stopping you. 

Just a few more ideas:

  • Landscape design
  • Measure the volume of pits
  • Plan parking lots
  • Detect sagging and slumping
  • Inspect bridges
  • Detect movement in bridges caused by natural disasters
  • Detect bulging in the ground
  • Detect heat inefficiencies of buildings
  • Traffic counts
  • Power line inspections
  • Road relocation due to water or slumping
  • Right of way monitoring
  • Radio tower inspections
  • Solar energy site inspections and assessments
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Pot hole mapping
  • Fix pot holes
  • Railway track inspections
  • Industrial roof inspections
  • Determine snow depth on roof
  • Confined spaces inspections
  • Create 3D models of infrastructure
  • Map forested areas
  • Hydrology and geological mapping
  • Impervious surface mapping
  • Preliminary survey
  • Landfill volume calculations
  • Landfill cap design comparison
  • Detect methane gas emissions from landfills
  • Track road construction in 3D
  • View pre-construction areas in 3D
  • Time-lapse constructions updates
  • Watershed planning
  • Irrigation planning and mapping
  • Check property lines
  • Land assessment for tax purposes
  • Map areas affected by flood
  • Damage assessment
  • Communications relay
  • Grow-op detection, pub-8204722840432216, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0