Just a few more ideas:

  • Landscape design
  • Measure the volume of pits
  • Plan parking lots
  • Detect sagging and slumping
  • Inspect bridges
  • Detect movement in bridges caused by natural disasters
  • Detect bulging in the ground
  • Detect heat inefficiencies of buildings
  • Traffic counts
  • Power line inspections
  • Road relocation due to water or slumping
  • Right of way monitoring
  • Radio tower inspections
  • Solar energy site inspections and assessments
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Pot hole mapping
  • Fix pot holes
  • Railway track inspections
  • Industrial roof inspections
  • Determine snow depth on roof
  • Confined spaces inspections
  • Create 3D models of infrastructure
  • Map forested areas
  • Hydrology and geological mapping
  • Impervious surface mapping
  • Preliminary survey
  • Landfill volume calculations
  • Landfill cap design comparison
  • Detect methane gas emissions from landfills
  • Track road construction in 3D
  • View pre-construction areas in 3D
  • Time-lapse constructions updates
  • Watershed planning
  • Irrigation planning and mapping
  • Check property lines
  • Land assessment for tax purposes
  • Map areas affected by flood
  • Damage assessment
  • Communications relay
  • Grow-op detection

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​Timeless Aerial Photography


2D and 3D mapping

Timeless Aerial Photography

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Cheaper than you think and better than you can image. 

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Sub Station Inspection.

Agriculture & Environment:

  • Detect weeds
  • Spray crops
  • Survey crop damage
  • Determine soil moisture content
  • Algae detection
  • Vegetation health assessment
  • Pipeline spill tracking
  • Weather monitoring
  • Plan, monitor & map parklands
  • Assess forest health
  • Determine health of fish runs

                             Airborne Solutions

DJI’s Zenmuse gimbal technology has become the industry standard among demanding aerial cinematographers, and everything that makes DJI’s aerial platforms world-class for cinematography also makes them the perfect platforms for aerial thermal imaging: they’re stable, easy to fly, and fully-integrated with apps.

When you get right down to it, the main purpose of any drone is to position a sensor in three-dimensional space; when that sensor is a FLIR thermal imager, you expand the possibilities for drone operators and thermal inspectors alike. Using FLIR thermal imaging from small drones brings new capabilities to dozens of applications like search and rescue, the inspection of power lines, cell towers, bridges, substations, and buildings, firefighting, precision agriculture, and natural resource and wildlife protection.


With the same powerful thermal imaging core used in the most popular cameras in the world, the Zenmuse XT gives expanded flexibility and performance for a price that makes it perfect for applications like:

Search and rescue
Precision agriculture
Roof inspections
Power line inspections
Substation inspections
Cell tower inspections
And anything else you can dream up

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