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​Timeless Aerial Photography

Our favorite Real Estate         photography drones 

What is Real Estate Drone Photography?

Drone photography is the art of taking high-quality photos and video using unmanned air vehicles, or as they’re more popularly known, drones.

Drones allow professional real estate photographers and videographers to capture certain angles and views that are otherwise limited by standard cameras.

Photographers can now shoot up to 400 feet above ground level to produce compelling aerial shots of homes, the local landscape, charming downtowns, landmarks, and tracts of lush farmland—just to name a few.

This new medium creates a better sense of location and culture which buyers love. After all, more than 70% of homebuyers watch video tours according to a joint real estate consumer report from Google and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Studies Show That Consumers Are More Likely To Prefer Drone Photography

In their joint report, Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate, Google, and the NAR also revealed how much homebuyers rely on visual marketing to make decisions:

86% of homebuyers use videos to learn more about the community they’re considering moving to.
54% watch real estate videos for general information about a particular home.
44% of homebuyers use real estate videos to compare and contrast their choices.
38% say they use videos to learn about more specific features of a home.

As consumers grow more informed on their own, they expect more useful, high-quality information and visuals for decision-making. Hence, the growing popularity of drone photography in the real estate industry.

In fact, according to Multiple Listing Service (MIS) statistics reported by Real Estate Magazine, properties with accompanying aerial images are 68% more likely to sell than properties without aerial marketing, another reason why agents are upping their marketing game with real estate drone photography.

The Marketing Benefits of Real Estate Drone Photography

Visual marketing has proved it’s worth, but the following stats reported by Inc. Magazine are also worth noting since drones can boost your conversion rates in these areas, especially in years to come:

By 2018, a whopping 84% of all marketing communications will be visual-based.
Almost 80% of all web traffic is expected to be driven purely by video by 2018.
Consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product or service if they watch an accompanying video.
Social media video content is 3-times more likely to be shared.
Visual social networking giants, Instagram and Pinterest, have grown their user based by 64% and 111% respectively.

This last statistic eludes to the cross-platform marketing power of drone photography, which can have a huge impact on your ROI on drones.

Cross-platform and Integrated Marketing

Real estate drone photography and videos can be quickly shared across the following social media marketing channels without breaking the bank:


But it’s not just your social media strategy that could use some fresh drone photography, you should add your drone footage and photographs to the following content marketing communications as well:

Real estate agency blog
Newsletters and other email marketing
Landing pages
Digital brochures, flyers, and reports

What To Look For In A Professional Real Estate Drone Photographer:

At a minimum, your real estate drone photographer or videographer should have the following skills and experience:

Operates in accordance with the latest regulations commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Has drone insurance that covers liabilities.
Extensive knowledge of safety procedures and a set safety plan.
Professional training or extensive on-the-job training with proven results.
A professional portfolio or demo reel to show.
Good planning and execution
Previous experience working with real estate agents and firms.

Track Progress and Results

We also recommend tracking the progress and results of your drone-produced marketing content, as this can help you discover which images and footage are more effective with your target demographic. You can do this through online analytics tools, social media marketing apps, and consumer surveys.

Add Drone Content To Your Agency Website

Last but not least, don’t forget to incorporate your exciting real estate drone photography into your agency’s website design. Visitors only give websites a few seconds to make an impression, and well-produced drone content is more likely to help visitors remember your brand and bookmark your website.

We don’t just want to show off your house, we want to help you show off where the house is and all the wonderful things that the community offers. We work with all Home Owner Associations and have done work for every town and parks in the area. We can provide you with a with a tour of the surrounding area before we move inside the house for a virtual tour. We can handle everything from just a simple home to million-dollar properties. We can provide you with a copy of the video with zero advertising for MLS, as well as a second copy formatted with your personalized contact information. 

*If you need it put on YouTube, we can do it for you and help you promote also. Let us help you get the top dollar for your house today!  

Just a sample of what we can offer, Everything can be customized to what you want! Logos, music, angle of shot you name it, we are here to make you look great!

Timeless Aerial Photography

​​Price list:

  • Aerial photos outside $125 and up.
  • Inside photos $125 and up.
  • Aerial photos and video outside $200 and up.
  • Photos and video of inside $200 and up.
  • Just photos of outside and inside $200  and up.  
  • Photos and video of inside and outside $300 and up.
  • up to $500.00 to show off large developments and surrounding towns.

    We also share all photos and videos on different site to get you more exposure!
With the videos you will get two copies one with branding and one with out branding 
for MLS I will also upload them on YouTube so you will have the links to share along 
with the hard copies, we can hand deliver the files or upload to Dropbox for fast sharing.  


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