Just a few ideas!
Landscape design
Measure the volume of pits
Plan parking lots
Detect sagging and slumping
Inspect bridges
Detect movement in bridges caused by natural disasters
Detect bulging in the ground
Detect heat inefficiencies of buildings
Traffic counts
Power line inspections
Road relocation due to water or slumping
Right of way monitoring
Radio tower inspections
Solar energy site inspections and assessments
Wind turbine inspections
Pot hole mapping
Fix pot holes
Railway track inspections
Industrial roof inspections
Determine snow depth on roof
Confined spaces inspections
Create 3D models of infrastructure
Map forested areas
Hydrology and geological mapping
Impervious surface mapping
Preliminary survey
Landfill volume calculations
Landfill cap design comparison
Detect methane gas emissions from landfills
Track road construction in 3D
View pre-construction areas in 3D
Time-lapse constructions updates
Watershed planning
Irrigation planning and mapping
Check property lines
Land assessment for tax purposes
Map areas affected by flood
Damage assessment
Communications relay
Grow-op detection

Agriculture & Environment:
Detect weeds
Spray crops
Survey crop damage
Determine soil moisture content
Algae detection
Vegetation health assessment
Pipeline spill tracking
Weather monitoring Plan, monitor & map park lands
Assess forest health



​​Timeless Aerial Photography

Quality Comes First


We're highly-qualified, professional Drone pilots. Experienced in various types of photography, we're known for our quality. 

​We have hundreds of hours of experience piloting various quad-rotor drones in all weather conditions.

1000+ hours & 10,000+ of miles piloting drones for Videography/Photography

 Timeless Aerial Photography is a proud operating business catering to all of your aerial business needs. Our company is based in the Northwest Indiana region and we take pride in capturing high quality aerial needs. 

Our mission is to help companies from all sizes market their services via new and innovative drone and thermal-imaging technology.

We proudly work closely with industrial services, marketing agencies, and real state companies to provide them with high quality aerial services. We are a veteran-owned company, and take pride in carrying the highest level of safety and respect with each job.

*We are fully licensed and insured for up to 10 million dollars worth of coverage*

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